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My name is Mandi ,and I’m 18 years young . I’m from Toronto ON and my nationality is Jamaican & Indian
I’ve lived many different places during my childhood .
As far as ” “talents ” I sing and draw also I consider myself a media- head. I consumed most of my life with music that’s basically that’s all I know ,
I LOOOVE music the genres I listen too from childhood is R&B , Reggae and Hip-Hop but generally I listen too anything I’m not picky .
In 5 years I see myself , finishing college and hopefully entering into University to achieve my goal and dream too be a journalist and have a steady career .
believe my inner beauty is the ability to see past the outer appearances of people. I would rather base my opinion of you by your actions and words than what you wear or how you Or even your orientation . Race/Sexuality / Color : doesn’t bother me I live everyone too a fault and I don’t judge because everyone is different that’s just life.
I look up too my mom she raised a sickly child on her own and eventually had 2 more and raised and taught us too make it in this world you gotta work hard and never forget where you come from … And not everyone is going to be genuine .
Honesty and Encouragement is Key ! ; love yourself no matter what flaw or mistake you have made , I am learning too love myself but I’m getting there and celebrate and embrace the way I look .
The more heart and your mind the accepting and understanding you are too anything you love and adore .
Quote : she is Clothes with STRENGTH & Dignity ; she can laugh at the days to come :
Proverbs 31:25

This post is posted on Monday 18 March 2013.
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